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Zambia is the undiscovered adventure treasure trove of Africa. It shelters extraordinary natural beauty and is one of the most pristine and unspoiled wildlife havens on the continent.

It is easy to see why Zambia boasts one of the largest areas of land under protection as a national park in Africa. The thundering splendour of the Victoria Falls draws most visitors to this gentle and peaceful country. Less frequented than Zimbabwe, many travellers prefer to see the falls from the Zambian side and some claim the views are even more spectacular.

Zambia boasts some of the continents most pristine wilderness and adventurous National Park areas such as Livingstone, the Lower Zambezi National Park, Kafue National Park, Liuwa Plains National Park and South Luangwa National Park.

Zambia Adventure Travel

Highlights of an Adventure Safari in Zambia

Livingstone and the surrounding area is commonly known as the Adventure Capital of Africa. Zambia offers a large range of adventures experiences. The adventures in Zambia range from adrenaline-pumping experiences such as bungee jumping and white water rafting, to relaxing activities like a calming Zambezi River Sunset Cruise. There are a number of wildlife activities available in Zambia as well. A visit to Zambia would not be complete without a tour of the majestic Victoria Falls themselves. 

Zambia is also home to the famous Devils Pool (or Livingstone Island), perhaps the most famous adventurous  activity in Livingstone. At the edge of Victoria Falls, a pool of calm water is where the daredevil swimmers risk a glimpse into the bottomless canyon below. 

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A large part of the allure in adventure and overland travel is discovering and sharing the unique stories, cultures, traditions and different country specific 'local ways’ that each trip uncovers. However, there are times when local first-hand, on the ground knowledge is vital to the successful planning and completion of an adventure trip. Our intimate local knowledge and expertise of the region, its people, cultures, wildlife and specific customs is readily available, inspiring confidence and peace of mind in your adventure to Zambia.

South Luangwa National Park

Home to walking safaris and famous for it throughout the world, South Luangwa is debatably one of Africa's finest National Parks. Renowned as one of Africa’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries, the South Luangwa National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife, which frequents the Luangwa River and its oxbow lagoons.

The Luangwa River is the most intact river system in Africa and is the lifeblood of the park’s 9 050 square kilometres (3 500 square miles). South Luangwa is also the birthplace of the walking safari – one of the best ways to get up-close-and-personal with the park’s pristine wilderness, which boasts 60 animal species and over 400 bird species. While out on the plains, visitors can view large herds of elephant, some up to 70 strong, and encounter the mighty buffalo.

Lower Zambezi National Park

The spectacular Lower Zambezi National Park spans 4 092 square kilometres (1 580 square miles) of pristine wilderness. It is situated adjacent to Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools Reserve, creating a giant expanse of protected adventure wilderness, and boasts breathtaking vistas of the Zambezi River, as well as lush riverine surrounds.

If you follow the Zambezi downstream from Victoria Falls, you’ll reach one of Africa’s most pristine conservation areas: the Lower Zambezi National Park. It is not uncommon to see enormous herds of elephant along the riverbanks, as well as leopard, buffalo and lion. The Lower Zambezi National Park offers a wonderful collection of habitats, which are home to a superb diversity of animals.

Unlike the Luangwa, the Zambezi is navigable year-round, so most adventure camps offer a full variety of water activities alongside their standard walking and driving options.

Kafue National Park

Established in 1950, Kafue is Zambia’s oldest national park. It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the world, spanning 22 400 square kilometres (8 650 square miles) of spectacular African wilderness.

Spread over such a vast area, the Kafue National Park offers visitors excellent game viewing, birdwatching and fishing adventures. The beautiful Busanga Plains, in the north, stretch as far as the eye can see and are one of Zambia’s most significant wetland resources. Fertile dambos situated in the south are fed by the Lunga, Lufupa and Kafue Rivers – prime locations for viewing some of the 500 species of birds found in the park.

Liuwa Plains National Park

Regarded as a “game reserve” from as early as the 19th century, by the Lozi people who were charged with looking after its wildlife by their Litunga (king), Liuwa Plains National Park was officially recognised by the government in 1972.

Its remoteness, in Zambia’s far west reaches, ensures a wonderfully pristine wildlife experience where vast herds of wildebeest, wild dog and lion inhabit the region’s golden plains. The park is also home to a plethora of bird species making for ideal off-the-beaten-track birdwatching excursions.

There is a local Lozi legend that tells of a Litunga, who planted his walking stick on the plains, and it grew into a large mutata tree. This tree can still be seen in the national park.


Livingstone is a charming colonial town, and was once the bustling capital of Zambia. But now Livingstone a pristine adventure destination.

Established in 1905 as the country’s key European settlement, it enjoyed the excellent facilities synonymous with high society – the town still boasts the elegant Edwardian architecture of this era. Today, Livingstone acts as Zambia’s adventure gateway, as it is conveniently situated near the mighty Zambezi River and the breathtaking Victoria Falls.

View The Victoria Falls

View the magnificent Victoria Falls on an adventure trip to Zambia. An astounding natural beauty of thundering water and misty rainbows. Known as the largest sheet of falling water in the World, the Victoria Falls will leave you breathless as you process the sheer mag

Explore the unique rain forest feasting your eyes on magnificent plant and bird life, whilst taking in the grandeur that is the Victoria Falls. You will be guided through the rainforest and stop at the different view points along the way. Find yourself in awe as you witness the sheer magnitude of the Victoria Falls. This truly is an inspiring experience.

The Victoria Falls will be in full flood between April and June. Be sure to wear a raincoat during these months as you will get soaked from the spray of the Falls.

Steam Train Trip

Book a dinner on the Royal Livingstone Express and experience true colonial splendour on your adventure tour of Zambia. A trip on the steam train during your stay in Zambia will transform you to a bygone era of luxury steam train travel. Go back in time and embark on a journey to the Victoria Falls Bridge in the comfort of stately carriages.

Swim In Devil's Pool

Livingstone Island is where Dr David Livingstone first saw the Victoria Falls. Explore the island and experience dramatic views of the Falls, before plunging into Devil's Pool, a natural rock pool on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

On a Livingstone Island tour you can swim to the edge of the magnificent Victoria Falls and plunge into Devils Pool. Devils Pool has a natural rock ledge literally on the edge of the Falls. This creates a barrier where the water is only a few centimeters deep. This barrier allows you to safely jump into the pool without getting swept over the edge of the falls. Once you are in Devils Pool you can lie on the rock ledge and look out over the Victoria Falls. With the flowing water rushing past just meters away. This is an incredible adventure experience and one you will be talking about forever. 

Fly With The Angels

Experience a bird's eye view of the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambezi River and Batoka Gorge on this epic Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight, aptly name the Flight of Angels.

When David Livingstone first viewed the Victoria Falls he described the scenes as "So lovely they must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight." 

After a smooth take off you will make your way towards the Victoria Falls. The excitement grows as you approach the falls. You can only truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of the Victoria Falls from a helicopter flight. The helicopter will complete a series of clockwise and anti clockwise turns. This allows passengers on both sides of the helicopter fantastic views and photo opportunities of the Victoria Falls and the Batoka Gorge below.

Navigate The Rapids of the mighty Zambezi river

Did you say adventure travel to Zambia? Raft the mighty Zambezi River in Victoria Falls on an adventurous  Rafting trip. Raft the biggest rapids in the World along the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls. A white water rafting trip is a regular feature in many tourist itineraries. The Rafting is internationally acclaimed as the best one-day white water rafting trip available in the world.

Your Zambezi River Rafting trip will start with a safety briefing conducted by the highly experienced river guides. The professional guides that will ensure your safety are all accredited by the International Rafting Federation. After the safety briefing you will begin your walk down the gorge and into the lower Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls. It is from here that you will board the specially designed rafts and begin your adventure downstream as you negotiate some of the Worlds largest rapids. 

Adventurous enough for you yet?

Game Drives

Zambia plays host to an amazing array of wildlife sanctuaries. A game drive in Zambia promises an exceptional experience. Hosted by expert guides and trackers, in specially adapted 4×4 safari vehicles, you will have the opportunity to enjoy early morning game drives and spot-lit night drives in Zambia.

Set off in search of the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) as well as an array of other fascinating creatures such as wild dog, hippo, cheetah and a plethora of bird species.

Canoeing Safaris

The Lower Zambezi River is the perfect setting for an adventurous canoeing safari. Paddle along the tranquil waters of the Zambezi River and take in the pristine scenery of the Lower Zambezi National Park from a unique angle. On your canoeing safari you’ll get the chance to see wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and incredible birdlife.

Walking Safaris

Awaken your senses and discover all that the bush has to offer on a adventure walking safari in Zambia. For those looking for an active thrill beyond the excitement of Big Five sightings on a game drive vehicle, a walking safari offers an opportunity to connect with the African bush, while learning about its fascinating fauna and flora.

Embark on an adventure where your feet tread in the tracks of Africa’s wild inhabitants, your nostrils fill with the scent of crushed wild grasses as you push through the bush and all six senses re-awaken as Africa touches you and you touch Africa.

Bird Watching

Delight in the call of the African skimmer, photograph the Southern carmine bee-eater or the Narina trogon. Or simply sit back and enjoy their beautiful songs.

Catch & Release

Try your hand at fishing from the banks of the Zambezi River. Fish for tiger, bream (tilapia), vundu, and many other species on a catch and release basis.

Explore The Zambezi River

Set off on a sunset river cruise along the rolling waters of the mighty Zambezi. A sunset cruise on the Zambezi River is a must do activity when on an adventure safari in Zambia. Celebrate the setting African Sun as you cruise the Zambezi River in luxury. Be sure not to miss the fantastic photo opportunities as a Victoria Falls sunset is one of the best you will ever witness.